21 February 2009

state fair

So, I took off last monday (Presidents' day). The kids had all been given free passes for the last day of the Florida State Fair. I borrowed my parents' camera and we drove 108 miles round trip to the fairgrounds in Tampa. Cracker Country was right past the entrance, thankfully, so it wouldn't be missed. I think that was the most interesting part for me. Then there was the fried food and the whirly-rides.

Cracker Country photos:

In the "Dry Goods" store I was intrigued by the Tinctura of Humulus Lupulus. Better known as hops!

This chicken didn't like being cooped up:

Our girls, bird (well, chicken) watching:

Basic Brewing Radio did a show the theme of which was: you know you're a homebrewer when...

So, when I saw these huge salt vats, I thought to myself "those would make some great brewpots!".

If you click on the picture, you will be able to read the sign.

not Cracker Country photos:

Devin, sitting across from Lauren. I just wasn't able to get a picture with Lauren in it.

Devin, front seat on the roller coaster:
Kevin and Ashley (the girlfriend), front seat on a different roller coaster:
Lauren, loosing her grip:

02 February 2009

CRASH! update

Well, I found a driver for my MP3 player. *whew* I'm back in business at work.

I still don't have the printer running, and that's where I plug in my camera's card, so no new pictures. How about some old ones?

Grammy, 2002(?):

When we moved down here, we stayed with my Mom and Don for several months while we sold our St. Louis house and bought the one we live in now. They rescued a racing greyhound a couple years prior, and then there is princess who you're familiar with (here, and here):

And a classic Devin:
These pictures were on the old / new computer when I got it. That's pretty cool to me, since I didn't have all of them in the first place.