30 September 2005

I call it:

"Umbrella in the Sand"

Step right up and take a guess!!!

I have been enjoying more abstract photography lately.

This one is my current desktop wallpaper. I call it "Stuff all in a Row at Night as I Leave the Shop that Just Happens to Catch my Eye".

29 September 2005

What in the world can that be?

answers shall be forthcoming!

22 September 2005

finally! Key West

Yes, finally, in just a few shots... KEY WEST

If you click on the above picture you'll see why maybe even I could afford to live in Key West.

The view from 7 Mile Bridge.

The coconut palm beneath which I spent a happy hour or two.

Can you see Cuba? All the signs say it's only 90 miles out that way.

03 September 2005

a break from the vacation photos

Sunday night, we went to South Lido for a picnic on the beach. Katrina's waves they were a'rollin' in.

As I ate my chicken teriyaki (it was a take-out Chinese picnic) I was being eyed by this fellow.

He was close enough for most of dinner that I could have grabbed his beak.

He really seemed to want a taste of his long lost cousin.