27 December 2009

Old Year, New Year (Guns XXXIII)

Well, we added to our collection this year unlike most.

in June we added a Heritage Arms .22 convertible (you've seen this posted before):
in September, we added this CZ52 to the family. Well, I guess I added this one.
I bought it without the Wife's permission, but she wasn't too upset when we saw one in a gun shop the next weekend for almost double what I paid. I wasn't really in the market for one, but I couldn't pass up a good deal:

at the beginning of November, we added this Bulgarian Makarov pistol to the collection.
It is one of the most comfortable pistols we own according to the wife who has claimed ownership of this one (so I guess I'll have to get one for me as well!):

last, but not least, our xmas presents! A pair of CZ82s. "His and Hers", if you will:
one by itself, with all the accessories it came with:
one of the great things about these pistols is the importer's mark, hidden away as it should be:
And what's in store for the new year?
-probably refininshing and restocking the CZ82s
-a .22 pistol with a sound suppressor
-perhaps a "his and hers" pair of 10/22s for the wife and I to customize our own rifles
-stocking up on ammo to feed the whole family of guns
-perhaps a few Mosin Nagant rifles since they are just soooo cheap
-constant deal watching
-oh, and getting my .45 out of layaway where it's been since the first week of November.

01 December 2009

quizzical BHO

(aff gann iss tan)
(pah kee stahn)
(tah lee bahn)
(al kaiedah)

This is the best I can do at spelling the president's pronunciation of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Taliban, and Alqaeda. the only one he seems to pronounce as though he were an American is "Afghanistan".

I don't know what this means, but I'm sure it means something...

25 November 2009

13th Anniversary (IV)

Day 3:

You can barely see (and boy are they hard to shoot!) the dolphins here. It took a couple days to get any pics of them since they don't pop up out of the water too much. They were active like the pelicans every morning in bad light.
This closer-up is the best I got:

Great Blue Heron:
And again with the GBH:
And the pre-dinner view, once again:

We had salmon with leeks. No pictures. I'll be sure to fix that next time we do anything like this. I did post some pics of salmon with leeks in the past if you're interested.

22 November 2009

13th Anniversary (III)

Day 2.

Pelicans seem to really love being active in the morning when the light's not too great:

The Wife and I have been paying attention to the sky here in Florida, and we just have to say that I don't think we've seen anything like it anywhere else:

Why, yes, this is a self-portrait. It was not taken by myself, however, but by the lovely Wife:

The not-as-stellar-as last-night's sunset, but still nice:
I think that last one was taken by the Wife. She was trying for that "lava" effect where the sun seems to melt into the sky before it quite reaches the horizon.
We retired to a grilled meal of Nathan's hot dogs, Johnsonville Brats, and pork tenderloin. Unfortunately, I failed to photograph dinner. Again.

21 November 2009

13th Anniversary (II)

Day 1.

At the seawall, almost immediately upon arrival:

I know it looks rickety, but I was quite surprised at it's stability.
Not the best light, but I like shooting pelicans:

The requisite self-portrait:

Nearing dinner time, day 1:

We had ribeyes, asparagus, and potato leek soup:) I failed to photograph the meal :(

14 November 2009

13th Anniversary (I)

A few pics related to the house we rented last weekend at Manasota Key.
A friendly 'gator:

The house, a view from the seawall:

The view from the bedroom:

13 November 2009

change of pace...

...even though I'm really riled up about politics, I'm going to ignore it all for at least today.

Hurricane Ida and the Bird. Not a band, but there's a video:

This is from our weekend last (13th anniversary weekend getaway) at Manasota Key.

31 October 2009

BHO Jugend (V)

Halloween is spooky even on this blog...

BHO Jugend (IV)


BHO Jugend (III)

We'll try this again!

Scared? Happy Halloween!

25 October 2009


This bottle of the 30brix went over very well at Fred's Oktoberfest party! He tells me I made some mead drinkers that night. That's my job. I'm a Meadvangelist.

20 October 2009

Quote of the Day:

"If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace."

Thomas Paine

I have 3 children, so I guess I feel the same thrice over.

02 October 2009

BHO jungend (II)

Since the first video was apparently killed by YouTube, here's another posting.

29 September 2009

Guns allowed in Arizona bars

Hey, barkeep, if you're so concerned that guns might be kept (by folks who aren't even drinking) in the vicinity of your bar, don't you worry about all the cars in your parking lot?


24 September 2009

14 September 2009


I searched the front pages of ABC news, CBS news, and NBC (or is it MSNBC) news for information on the 9/12 march in D.C.

my summation:
ABC: an article expressing nothing of the substance of the protest, only questioning the tally of participants. was it 30,000 or 2,000,000? I got the feeling from the article that it was simply the author's way of complaining about the excitement surrounding the event. Don't take my word for it, read it yourself! Also, there were 5 mentions of Kanye West. Who? Oh, Kanye "George Bush doesn't care about black people!" West.

CBS: an "opinion" section article describing the protest against Big Government as "a gigantic temper tantrum". Again, read it yourself! To CBS' credit, I only spotted the above-mentioned Mr. West once.

(MS)NBC: Kanye West: 1. Rally in D.C. featuring tens if not hundreds of thousands of anti-big-government protestors: 0.

I attempted image searches at Bing, Google, and Yahoo for the term "9/12 march on washington"

My #1 results from each:
AIDS poster.

Picture of ACORN activists surely from some other event.

Yahoo:a photo from the "Let Gaza Live! National March on Washington"

21 August 2009

Compare/Contrast pres.40 v. 44

Pres. 40 (Ronald W. Reagan): "I won the nickname the great communicator. But I never thought it was my style that made a difference - it was the content.
"I wasn't a great communicator, but I communicated great things, and they didn't spring full blown from my brow, they came from the heart of a great nation, from our experience, our wisdom, and our belief in the principles that have guided us for two centuries."

Pres. 44 (Barack H. Obama):
"What they'll say is: 'well, it costs too much money' but, you know what, it would cost about... it... it... would cost about... it would cost about the same as what we would spend... it... over the course of 10 years it would cost what it would cost us... alright... okay, we're going to... the... it would cost us about the same as it would cost for about... hold on one second, I can't hear myself ah *giggles*, but I'm glad you're fired up, though, I'm glad."

23 July 2009

A really bad piece of reportage:

This article on KXXV ABC in Texas (actually an AP story) does not explain why the NRA is moving against Sotomayor except to say 'Sotomayor has a "hostile view" of the Second Amendment'. The article explains the US Chamber of Commerce's position even though it isn't relative to the story itself. We end the piece with a quote from an anti-NRA group but once again get absolutely no information about why they might back the controversial Supreme Court nominee. There is mention of the defeat of a bill to allow CCW holders reciprocity with every other CCW state, but the article fails to explain how that is at all relevant.

All in all, I guess readers are left to form their own opinions simply based on which lobbying groups they like. What a lazy way to fill some webspace...

06 July 2009

Happy Independence Day!

So... the wife worked this weekend. Since we couldn't BBQ at the park and enjoy the show, we thought we'd take the party to her. There was a good chance there'd be fireworks nearby, anyway.

So we went to the top of the parking garage at the hospital.
We got there about 6:30 so that I could start the grill and we could hopefully eat before dark.
She insists that we weren't allowd to have the grill there, but we didn't get in trouble. We did have a visit from a couple cops and security guards. Apparently someone complained that we were lighting fireworks. The kids were just throwing "pop-its" at each other.
I don't think I've ever gotten a top-view of a palm tree before, so here's a picture taken over the wall.
This is our view as the sun went down.
And our view once the show started.

29 June 2009

I didn't authorize this...

...and I'm not paying the tab, but I think I deserve a case of their beer just for being "Arn", don't you?

Test your IT industry knowledge and put yourself in with a chance of scoring a case of beer each Friday with the ARN quiz. Simply answer our six questions on what has been happening in the industry correctly and suggest one of your own for the following week's quiz to be in with a chance. Only those entrants that correctly answer all six questions are eligible with the one with the best question - as judged by the ARN editorial team - considered the winner. So if you want to have a case of beer delivered to your office to kick off Friday afternoon drinks, click here!

26 June 2009

A South African Example

Of what happens every single time a government gets involved in things that aren't their business. What do you think... confusing enough? A lack of foresight could criminalize every South African gun owner in a few days.

the original article: at iol.co.nz
Gun owners to get a another shot at Act
The SA Hunters and Game Conservation Association has welcomed an interim court interdict, saying it would temporarily stop more than a million South African gun owners from becoming criminals at the stroke of midnight on June 30. Judge Bill Prinsloo on Friday granted an urgent order in the High Court in Pretoria that all firearm licences granted under the 1969 Arms and Ammunition Act shall be deemed to be lawful and valid, pending the outcome of an application to declare portions of the new Firearms Control Act unconstitutional. The new Act came into operation in 2004, but was in terms of Schedule 1 of the Act phased in over a five-year period, ending on June 30. The Act forces licensed gun owners to re-apply for their licences, including applying for competency certificates, failing which they must dispose of their firearms, or could have them forfeited to the state.
'Everything carries on' The Act also criminalises gun owners who have not applied for the renewal of their licences. They face criminal prosecution and can be sentenced to a year imprisonment for not applying and a further maximum of 15 years for the unlawful possession of a firearm. The association's lawyer, George Nell, described the judgment as "excellent". He said it was of national importance, not only for the Hunters Association, but for all private gun owners. "I think the SAPS and the authorities should have a look at the judgment and maybe take out the positive points to carry out the message to the public more positively and to get their own house in order where necessary," he said.
'Everything is put on hold' Nell said their main application will probably only be heard in about six to eight months and would, if they were successful, have to be confirmed by the Constitutional Court. Police Director Phuti Setati said the judgment could not stop the introduction of the new Act, which will continue."Everything carries on, but because there's another application pending, all licences granted under the old Act remain valid. Everything is put on hold now until the main application is dealt with," he said.Setati said the SAPS respected the judgment and "would act accordingly". "We will study the judgment and will make sure that it is properly communicated internally and externally." - Sapa

25 June 2009

this must be "quote" week for me...

"The world doesn't need one more American IPA, the world doesn't need another hefeweizen. Make something that adds to the beer drinkers' choices."

I agree.

I have my Aliteration ale fermenting now. It's my Sarasota summer seasonal sparkling sour-mash something-or-other. I'm searching for the perfect beer for our summers, and I'm getting close...

Where did we find one like him?

"On this Memorial Day, as our nation honors its unbroken line of fallen heroes -- and I see many of them in the audience here today -- our sense of patriotism is particularly strong."
-Barack H. Obama

22 June 2009

Where do we find another president like him?

"Remember that every government service, every offer of government-financed security, is paid for in the loss of personal freedom. ... In the days to come, whenever a voice is raised telling you to let the government do it, analyze very carefully to see whether the suggested service is worth the personal freedom which you must forgo in return for such service."
-Ronald Reagan

16 June 2009

Heritage (Guns XXXII)

I just couldn't help myself. I had to get a photo. I really need to learn about indoor lighting (still...) so I can get rid of the flash. I probably need a new tripod since I lost the QD base for mine at a ren. fest.
It's made here in Florida, woohoo! It has the color case hardened frame, green camo (laminate wood) grips, 4.75" bbl, 2 interchangeable cylinders: LR (pictured) and WMR, 6 shots, 4-click hammer, 50 yard report is it can bust up some dirt clods. It's loads of plinking fun without plunking down loads of cash!

Parker Hale, like new. (Guns XXXI)

Remember the Parker Hale .270?
It was my dad's and it had a cracked stock. I took it to a local gunsmith. He said that he thought he'd be able to fix it.
When they called for me to pick it up, he had a new (beat up and ugly) wood stock on it and wanted to measure me for it. I explained that it was not the stock I wanted, that if I had to replace it I wanted the Hogue Overmolded stock. He was not happy because he'd already glassbedded (sic?) the rifle and I was not happy because some of the glasbedding (also sic?) was visible on the barrel.
I should have read more on the forums... I probably could have swapped stocks myself in retrospect, but I thought he'd fix the wood.
Long story short, he got the right stock and I'm glad to be done with the whole thing. He slopped on the screws and never did remove the extra glas (also also sic?). I'll not have him do any more gunsmithing for me. On the other hand, I should have guessed judging by the scratches on some of the for sale pistols (brand new) in the display cases that their attitude was more about functionality than about artistry.

Here she is:

On yet another hand, their prices are reasonable and I picked up a Heritage .22lr/mag SA revolver. I had them order it, and they never took it out of the box. It's pretty nice and shoots awfully straight for a ~$200 brand-spankin'-new pistol. I don't have pics of that one yet, but you can expect another post pretty soon: either I'll get some photos of the .22 or I'll get the Parker Hale out to the range and shoot some paper and some pictures.

10 June 2009

... like I've just seen a ghost

It's been a while, Dale.
Yahoo just added some "chat" thing onto email.
It's been a while since I've used the IM, so I didn't get your invite soon enough.
What's it been, now? A year?
Rest in peace.

05 June 2009

unintentional internet vacation

Our router went out on us almost a month ago. We got a new one from Verizon, but it wouldn't work with the old computer I was using. I broke down and spent some money for a new one yesterday and finally have it working. Hooray!

I look forward to blogging again very soon now.

Our drought of two years here has been impacted greatly over the last month due to some really good rains even before the traditional rainy season had begun.

I'll be blogging some more once I download my tons of photos from the cameras now that I have a new computer to do that with. See you then.

10 May 2009

State Sovereignty

Lawmaker aims at making Texas firearms exempt from federal regulation

A Texas lawmaker wants to further push state sovereignty from the federal government.
Rep. Leo Berman, a former Arlington mayor pro tem, has filed a bill to make guns, ammunition and gun parts that are made, sold and kept in Texas free from federal regulation. "I fail to see why a bill is necessary in the first place, but ok..."
That would exempt them from federal gun registration, dealer licensing rules and buyer background checks. State laws would still apply.
"This does two things," said Berman, a Tyler Republican. "It tests our sovereignty in relationship to the federal government, and it would attract new small gun manufacturers to the state to manufacture certain types of weapons and ammunition that are only used in intrastate commerce."
Guns and sovereignty are fiery issues in the Lone Star State, where residents resist federal regulations that could trample on either right. "Kinda makes me wonder if Texas isn't the place for me..."
Sparks flew last month when Gov. Rick Perry talked about how some Texans might want the state to secede from the U.S. and when a bill advanced in the Legislature to tell the federal government to "cease and desist" imposing regulations on the state. "Our own (FL) governor has his head in the political clouds. He's more worried about getting that 'spendulous' check than he is about keeping our sovereign rights."
Berman’s bill, similar to measures in Montana and Alaska, would push the sovereignty button even further.
The bill is pending in the House Public Safety Committee.
Berman said his bill is geared to help smaller "mom and pop" gun, ammunition and gun-part makers in Texas.
Those who make and sell their products in the state would put a "Made in Texas" stamp on items meant to stay in Texas.
Lawmakers say the federal government regulates firearms and ammunition through its power to regulate interstate commerce. If Texas prevents those products from leaving the state, federal officials’ arguments for regulating them are rendered moot, state lawmakers say. "I'd say the same argument is good for a whole lot of things, among them drug prohibition and alcohol manufacturing (have you ever looked into the crazy TTB/ATF rules regarding making and selling wine, for instance?)."
"The bill requires every component to be made and stay in Texas," Berman said. "If it leaves Texas, it will be subject to federal legislation." "Makes perfect sense to me."
Critics say the bill is a long shot. They worry that if residents try to follow such a law, they would risk prosecution from the U.S. government, which may not recognize the legislation. Karl Dean Pifer, who owns KC Precision Ballistics in Granbury, said he has mixed feelings about the bill. "What's the issue here? If the bill passes, I'd think people would immediately begin manufacturing in-state items just to make the point. We 'gun nuts' can be pretty hard-headed."
He and his wife and daughter make federally licensed ammunition at their home for up to .50-caliber firearms. Last year, they sold about 10,000 rounds — an amount they have already reached in the first quarter of this year, Pifer said.
While he would like some of the regulatory relief the bill could bring, Pifer said, he’s worried that manufacturers might not be under strict-enough guidelines.
"With no regulation, it could open it up to a lot of bad guys doing a lot of bad stuff," he said. But "it would be great to sell within the state without any additional taxes or regulations." "This doesn't sound like a supporter of firearms freedom to me. Kinda reminds me of how AB lobbies to make the tax and fee burden as tough as possible on breweries just to keep the competition from getting a foot hold."
Test case?
A similar bill is pending in Alaska, where House members have approved the Alaska Firearms Freedom Act.
Some there say they see the bill as a way to reclaim some of their rights from the federal government.
But Texas lawmakers are keeping an eye on the Montana measure, which takes effect Oct. 1. That is the gun-sovereignty law they believe most likely to be tested in court.
Some have said they hope to set off a court battle by finding a Montana resident to notify the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives that he or she will build and sell "made in Montana" rifles without federal licensing. "I'm not too clear on why such a Montanan would need to notify the TTB (formerly the ATF) of anything at all."
If not allowed to proceed, the resident would file a lawsuit in the hope of making it to the U.S. Supreme Court for a final ruling.
"This will be the test case, to challenge the federal law," Berman said. "I’m very interested in our Second Amendment rights under the Constitution." "My opinion on this? Okay, since you insist. '...THE FREEDOM OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.' I take this to mean that 'We the People' have the right to our weapons of war/hunting/action shooting/target shooting/plinking/etc... including those weapons made illegal to me before I was even born."

Hávamál stanza 38"
"Let a man never stir on his road a step
without his weapons of war;
for unsure is the knowing when need shall arise
of a spear on the way without."

25 March 2009

Oh, to live here 150 years ago...

Our nation's government has had 148 years of income tax. In 148 years of active governmental workings, we still do not have a plan to live within our means. Our government added the income tax 148 years ago, then steadily increased the income tax rate for 148 years to add greatly to their income, and still can't balance the checkbook at the end of the month!!! I think it's time for a real change: housekeeping time! Vote for Arn!

24 March 2009

I've heard of the "Government Media Complex"

Is this a perfect advertisement for it or what?

Barack Hussein "Messiah" Obama, peace be upon him.

nice halo.

U.S. President Barack Obama in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in the White House complex in Washington, March 23, 2009.REUTERS/Jason Reed

21 February 2009

state fair

So, I took off last monday (Presidents' day). The kids had all been given free passes for the last day of the Florida State Fair. I borrowed my parents' camera and we drove 108 miles round trip to the fairgrounds in Tampa. Cracker Country was right past the entrance, thankfully, so it wouldn't be missed. I think that was the most interesting part for me. Then there was the fried food and the whirly-rides.

Cracker Country photos:

In the "Dry Goods" store I was intrigued by the Tinctura of Humulus Lupulus. Better known as hops!

This chicken didn't like being cooped up:

Our girls, bird (well, chicken) watching:

Basic Brewing Radio did a show the theme of which was: you know you're a homebrewer when...

So, when I saw these huge salt vats, I thought to myself "those would make some great brewpots!".

If you click on the picture, you will be able to read the sign.

not Cracker Country photos:

Devin, sitting across from Lauren. I just wasn't able to get a picture with Lauren in it.

Devin, front seat on the roller coaster:
Kevin and Ashley (the girlfriend), front seat on a different roller coaster:
Lauren, loosing her grip:

02 February 2009

CRASH! update

Well, I found a driver for my MP3 player. *whew* I'm back in business at work.

I still don't have the printer running, and that's where I plug in my camera's card, so no new pictures. How about some old ones?

Grammy, 2002(?):

When we moved down here, we stayed with my Mom and Don for several months while we sold our St. Louis house and bought the one we live in now. They rescued a racing greyhound a couple years prior, and then there is princess who you're familiar with (here, and here):

And a classic Devin:
These pictures were on the old / new computer when I got it. That's pretty cool to me, since I didn't have all of them in the first place.