29 June 2007


Last Sunday's dinner.

28 June 2007

M1895 Nagant III (Guns XXII)

More shots of the varied markings:

Any assistance in identifying meaning is welcome!

27 June 2007

Break-Top Break-Down III (Guns XXI)

Remove the mainspring screw:

Gently remove spring: The spring, removed:

M1895 Nagant II (gunsXX)

Sorry about the flash. This is what the import markings look like, though. You really only see the white of the steel from just the right anlge.

A couple of markings just above the frame screw. Perhaps an "L" in a circle and a "2" ?

Swinging Shifts


It's time to go back to night shift.

Let's see what new adventures life has in store for us.

20 June 2007

M1895 Nagant revolver (Guns XIX)

This one arrived today on my doorstep:

It's my first C&R purchase with my 03FFL (for the layman, that means I recently got a license as a collector of old stuff).

Under $100 and the import marks are discreet and on the bottom of the barrel. From IOinc.

18 June 2007

Break-Top Break-Down II (Guns XVIII)

step 5: remove the standoff which holds the sideplate on.
step 6: remove said sideplate.
closeup of the mechanism

17 June 2007

Friday Night Whites... and Reds

Whole Foods in downtown Sarasota held a wine tasting friday night.

$5 per person, and the glass is yours to keep. There were 10(?) wines and 6(?) cheeses.

If you click on the pics, you can see some notes from me. The opinions stated are the opinions of the bloogger and in no way represent the opinions of my mom, Don, or Misty. Except for the one where we all agreed hands-down.

One that was not on the flyer was a Mango wine. I was thrilled at the idea, since I made my own last summer. This one was thick, sweet, and as my mom said "this could be a breakfast, all by itself." Mine was rather dry and resembled a chardonnay.
The two we took home:
One of the glasses we took home:

After the tasting, on the way to the Jeep, we heard music. We decided to follow the sound and stumbled upon a street party. When asked about the occasion for the party, one of the ladies at the beer table replied: "It's the 3rd Friday of the month!" Reason enough. You gotta love Florida.

Next month, Whole Foods is having "Beer Fest" as a fundraiser for our local public radio station (I think). Anyway, BEER! We'll be there.

13 June 2007

break-top break-down (Guns XVII)

So... I thought maybe there could be someone out there who wonders how to take a break-top S&W down. Maybe they'd like to see how I did it. Even if I didn't do it right. I did document each step so that I'd be able to put it back together when done.
step1. grip removal. They are cracked and missing chunks and will need to be replaced, but not until I decide on the final finish. It has to match, after all!
step2. the screw which holds the barrel/cylinder ass'y to the frame is removed.

step3. the standoff which the above mentioned screw threads into is removed. picture of the next step's parts in place, so that they may end up back there someday:

step4. removal of that round thing the name of which I don't rightly know at the moment.

more to come....

anyone know why I can only post 5 pictures at a time?

It's just a flesh wound!

A little $10 investment (?$ value, anyone?) I made in about 1989 or so. I had visions of this guy sitting on the dark wood desk of a stockbroker in the '20s where he used it to light is fat cigars. Also, I thought it was really cool!

I went to the Lake of the Ozarks with my parents and some of their friends for a weekend. While with my mom and her friend "antiquing", I came across this fella. I remember taking it home and cleaning it up. It took about two days of cleaning and polishing to get it up to snuff. I suppose it could use another polishing, huh?
I'll get some lighter fluid for it, and get some action shots later!

08 June 2007

Sixo (maybe a little late) de Mayo

Well, some of you will remember that I went to day shift just over a year ago. When I left night shift, I threw a little "last supper" beach barbecue. Well, at about the 13 month mark, we did it again. And here's the proof:

Lovebugs. They were bad this year. The picture really doesn't do it justice, they were like swarming mosquitos- the onslaught lasted a good 2 hours and then they went away.

We were tempted to cancel because of them, but we persevered!

There was sanitation, fire starter, mustard, and most importantly: homebrew. Yep, it's strapple.

Among the attendees: this squirrel. They were not shy in the least. I may post more on these guys just because there were so many pictures taken of them.

The Smell of Childhood:

The first bottle my dad gave me.
Empy of course, but oh, that smell.......

04 June 2007

On Target

that 75 round drum magazine I've written of previously... makes quite a hole. A few strays, but all in all a LOT of fun!