20 December 2006

Artsy Crap

Whatever miscellaneous stuff I come across in the next minute I will post forthwith.
Be right back, I have to browse through my photographs.

okay, I'm back. Here you go:

our youngest with sparklers

our next one up the age scale. also with sparklers.

All 3 kids playing at the beach.

our oldest, without sparklers. (just kidding, Kevin!)

I have lots of pictures to share seeing as I haven't posted much in the last 7 months.

Live music...

... in static format?
These are Gross National Product, performing live in Brandon, Florida.
Check out Bacon Towne Records for more info!

brew notes


The mead (brewed at Mead Day, courtesy of HAMS club) was not stuck, just extremely slow. It still bubbles, but you really have to wait for it.

The elderberry wine tastes pretty good, could use a little more body, but the majority of the bottles blew their corks out! The gravity was so low, I thought I shouldn't need to sulfite. Perhaps I was wrong, eh?

The gingered ale was a hit. I kegged it with the setup Misty bought me back at xmas '03. It was sweet (not the beer, that was a bit on the dry end).


I'm letting some apple wine ferment complete before adding cherries for "Reverend Olson's Chapple Wine".

Last night I bottled a "Spiced Solstice Ale". The spice seems a little heavy, but will probably mellow shortly. I figure it will be ready by New Year's Eve. I should have bottled it sooner, but I was recently diagnosed with diabetes and wasn't even sure if I was going to be able to drink it. Turns out that "moderation is the key" to controlling blood sugar, so I am able to hold onto my hobby. Anyway, I used (for the first time ever) a kit. It was English, Munton's "Old Ale", and it was much hoppier than I had expected. The orgininal intent was a Fruitcake ale and I brewed it with ginger, brown sugar, and honey, but the hoppiness killed that idea. Instead I spiced it with a cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg tea at bottling.


A dry mead. 9lbs honey and champagne yeast. Not sure what else.

more later...

18 December 2006

ok, well

I guess I was innacurate in that last posting.

But here's a picture to whet your appetite for the post-xmas vacation photos.