29 January 2010

1 goal down...

I got the 45 out of layaway back on the 3rd of the month, but didn't take any good pics until I ultra-lightly bead blasted the marred finish. It sure looks nice now!
I am relatively new to the 1911 scene. Back in '92 I had a combat commander, but I sold it.
I'm pretty sure the trigger and sights are aftermarket, and maybe even the mainspring housing (it's plastic!). I like the sights a lot, but the trigger has a wiggle to it that bugs me so I may work on/replace that.

The Not-So-Great Communicator

think about the following sentence:

"The middle east is a problem that has plagued that region... for centuries."
-POTUS44 BHO 1-28-2010 at a town hall meeting in Tampa responding to a question from a USF student.

I realize I'm not Harvard educated, but isn't the region itself the middle east? Isn't that like saying that the home 2 doors down from me is a problem that has plagued that house for months?