17 December 2007

Hello, Nurse !!!

And Congratulations for all your hard work. We the people of the Olson household are enormously proud of you!!!

With honors, too!
Nice job!

22 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Devin: Turkey Girl:

18 November 2007


So, now that I'm back to supervising 2nd shift, we BBQ'd:

Ribs: a hit!

Nice tree:

Weird tree:

Bob's Crossfire:

08 November 2007

November 9, 1996

11 Years. Happy Anniversary, wife of mine!

22 October 2007


I am a big fan of Impressionism. I have always wished I could be an Impressionist with my camera, and once in a while I come close. This is a tree at night time, by the street light.

21 October 2007

The Blogger at Work

"no typ. days" Thanks to Danny for the photo.

14 October 2007

Any Given Saturday the 13th of October 2007 (part2)

It is the Sunshine State, after all.

Any Given Saturday the 13th of October 2007 (part1)

Devin at play:

Lauren at play:
beautiful day:

uhh... I dunno:

The mat I reposed upon:

Self portrait:

13 October 2007

12 October 2007

Mac 'n Cheese

edit: 25 September 2008- This picture has gotten me more hits through google's image search than anything else in my blog! Could one of you who comes across it please explain this to me?!
I'm glad y'all like my photography, but is this some kind of internet scavenger hunt or something? I just can't figure it out. Please leave a comment. Thanks!

11 October 2007

A beautiful day...

... through whiskey colored glass

Jack Daniel's single barrel, that is.

This was at Ken Thompson park. The anniversary of moving to first shift, just before moving to second shift.

09 October 2007

The Live Oak

... that lives just past my front door.

08 October 2007


PaPa's wallet

Right to left: PaPa, Grammy, Me.

07 October 2007

Speaking of that Citrus Wine... (Brew IX)

This is what it looks like today. Olson's Grove Sunshine Citrus Wine. This is what it looked like months ago. At that time, I called it "Citrus Flor".

carboy circa prohibition

When we lived in St. Louis, there was an elderly lady living across the street with her somewhat elderly (special needs) son. They were rather nice enough, keeping well to themselves most of the time. Well, the time came for them to move; the stairs were a pain as were the bills and the upkeep of the house; so they were to move to Washington state to live with her daughter. I saw that they were packing by themselves and offered to help. They pretty much just wanted things thrown out as they were not moving much, so they said I could keep whatever I wanted. They were very nice. She had been a school teacher and apparently a member of the book of the month club for many years. I helped them clear out their junk and managed to salvage about a hundred books including The United States a History copyright 1891 and this carboy dated 1926. Mrs. McInnes told me how when they moved in there had been quite a lot of fruit trees in the yard and thought they had something to do with wine making during prohibition. In the basement there was a "secret" room with concrete walls hidden behind some paneling/secret door. That is where I found the carboy. It had sat for decades and contained all manner of dead insects, dust, and I think even plant matter. I of course cleaned it out, sanitized it, and used it. In fact I just bottled my citrus wine out of it last night.

An interesting couple of finds. To me, anyway.

work, work, work...

There are no "typical" days, but this was a piece of one of them.

01 October 2007


since April:

23 August 2007

Not exactly a "vinyard"...

But sea grapes nonetheless.
I'm looking, but can't seem to find info on sea grape harvesting season. I want to try out some sea grape wine.

This picture is from Jupiter. Remember Jupiter?

22 August 2007

real "Old School"

I will get one when I find it:

11 July 2007

Ruger Red Dot (Guns XXVI)

I tried out a $50 simmons red dot (I got it at a discount- floor sample) this past weekend.

The first grouping (of 30 rounds, I believe) at 25 yards:
I bought this rifle in 1991. It was $99 at Wal-Mart (where I try never to shop now). My uncle Steve who at the time had a type 01 FFL helped me trick it out like his own.

06 July 2007

Break-Top Break-Down V (Guns XXV)

Time to remove some pins:

Above, you can see the piece of brass I used to tap them out. I was afraid of marring them with a standard steel punch.

These pins hold in the trigger guts, for lack of the proper term.

02 July 2007

Break-Top Break-Down IV (Guns XXIV)

Remove hammer:

Hammer removed:

Remove cylinder (it unscrews if you pull gently while turninig):

01 July 2007

M1895 Nagant (Guns XXIII)

The first two cylinders through the Nagant:



Pretty good groups for an 80-year old gun with what some call sub-standard ammo from a guy who's never shot one before, I guess.

I liked it. A LOT.