25 November 2009

13th Anniversary (IV)

Day 3:

You can barely see (and boy are they hard to shoot!) the dolphins here. It took a couple days to get any pics of them since they don't pop up out of the water too much. They were active like the pelicans every morning in bad light.
This closer-up is the best I got:

Great Blue Heron:
And again with the GBH:
And the pre-dinner view, once again:

We had salmon with leeks. No pictures. I'll be sure to fix that next time we do anything like this. I did post some pics of salmon with leeks in the past if you're interested.

22 November 2009

13th Anniversary (III)

Day 2.

Pelicans seem to really love being active in the morning when the light's not too great:

The Wife and I have been paying attention to the sky here in Florida, and we just have to say that I don't think we've seen anything like it anywhere else:

Why, yes, this is a self-portrait. It was not taken by myself, however, but by the lovely Wife:

The not-as-stellar-as last-night's sunset, but still nice:
I think that last one was taken by the Wife. She was trying for that "lava" effect where the sun seems to melt into the sky before it quite reaches the horizon.
We retired to a grilled meal of Nathan's hot dogs, Johnsonville Brats, and pork tenderloin. Unfortunately, I failed to photograph dinner. Again.

21 November 2009

13th Anniversary (II)

Day 1.

At the seawall, almost immediately upon arrival:

I know it looks rickety, but I was quite surprised at it's stability.
Not the best light, but I like shooting pelicans:

The requisite self-portrait:

Nearing dinner time, day 1:

We had ribeyes, asparagus, and potato leek soup:) I failed to photograph the meal :(

14 November 2009

13th Anniversary (I)

A few pics related to the house we rented last weekend at Manasota Key.
A friendly 'gator:

The house, a view from the seawall:

The view from the bedroom:

13 November 2009

change of pace...

...even though I'm really riled up about politics, I'm going to ignore it all for at least today.

Hurricane Ida and the Bird. Not a band, but there's a video:

This is from our weekend last (13th anniversary weekend getaway) at Manasota Key.