18 August 2005

Coral Castle

After our treacherous journey through Alligator Alley, we stopped in Homestead, FL- just south of Miami- to check out the Coral Castle.
The sundial below was actually accurate. 10:20 if memory serves, but I have unfortunately forgotten how to read the thing. Pretty amazing stuff for one little man to do with no help from modern technology- or at least that's what they want us to think! I believe I may have found evidence of an alien presence!
This door, aside from asking that you please ring the bell, is a map! It probably was useful to Ed's (Ed Leedskalnin was the builder's name) alien assistants once work was complete and they wanted to return home. The photograph below is what I believe to be the last remaining descendant of the aliens who helped Ed to build the place. I will not release it's exact location on this blogsite for fear that the scientific community would destroy this naturally peaceful creature.
This telescope was very nice! It had no lense. The eyepiece was a little lower than eye level (need I point out that aliens tend to be a little on the short side?) and was bored into a stone about 40 feet from the obelisk which held the other end of the telescope- so it was lensless and tubeless, how much more advanced can you get? I told you-- ALIENS!
We haven't quite made it to Key West yet, but we will soon!

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