22 October 2005

I must ask!

What is the deal with the "caller ID". I get calls rather often here at work, especially right at or after shift change from people who want to know who called them from here. I just got one a few minutes ago.

him: "This is _____, who called me from there?"
me: "This is a business."
him: "So is this. I just walked in the door."
me: "Okay."
him: "Someone called me from there."
me: "Okay."
him: "I wanted to know who called."
me: "Did you get a message?"
him: "No, I just walked in the door."
me: "Then I don't know who called you."
him: "Alright, then..."
me: "Bye."

Is it just me, or what? To me, it's common sense that someone who really wants a call back will leave a message, or lacking an answering machine or service (but still having caller ID?) will call back.

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