28 March 2006

"Fly me to the Moon"

...Let me play among the stars...

...Let me see what spring is like in Jupiter...Florida!

Misty's cousin Tammy was in the state, taking a vacation, so we headed over to the other coast where she was staying for a visit.

Snook and snapper, beware!

A lighthouse. It is closed on Sundays, unfortunately. The whole family wanted to check it out.

Flock of Pelicans. Seagulls are more prominant on our side of the state.

Don't ask me why the horizon is so chopped up, I just took the picture. Maybe an ocean expert will let us in on the secret someday.

"Chica" the Chihuahua was given to our daughter Lauren by Tammy the day we left St. Louis, so how were we to resist taking her along for the ride?

It's been a while since we've seen the Atlantic coast. What a difference! The sand is dirtier, the shells are broken up, but the waves, oh the breaking waves... (no, I really didn't get any pictures, but trust me, they are impressive.)

We ate at this little Italian place. It just so happens that while I was experiencing spring in Jupiter, I decided to try their "Chicken Sinatra". It was quite good (once I slid the mushrooms aside), but the service was awful and the prices were quite something to remember. Hopefully, if you eat there, you'll get a different waiter and you'll also understand how expensive Palm Beach County really is before you get the bill!

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