14 January 2007


You thought I forgot about the xmas vacation photos! You thought you were going to get away without seeing them! I know everyone loves to see everyone else's vacation pics, so here you go:

We'll start in Indiana. We went a little out of the way to stop by the cemetary where Misty's dad was buried. When in cemetaries, I'm always struck by the way we choose to treat the fact of death and remember those who have died.

John's Butcher Shoppee was our preferred meat-monger shop back in St. Louis. Make note of the barren trees and grey skies.

We took the kids, at Aunt Jeanne's suggestion, to a rather well to do home. Their whole yard was lit up, including the tennis courts, and they had paths marked by lights on the ground on which the general public could walk to view the whole thing. In my opinion, this one stood out the most. Also, my batteries ran out halfway through, so it's also the best picture I got.

Though you really can't tell from the picture, this is another graveyard. I took this photo while standing by my dad's grave.

Kevin took this one as we crossed into Florida. You've got to love those green trees & blue skies!

If that wasn't slapped together arbitrarily enough for you, just wait for the next installment of our trip pics :)

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