29 March 2008

Lake Manatee

We went fishing a couple weeks back at Lake Manatee. We'd never been there before. It was a very windy day so there wasn't too much boat traffic going on which was good since we could only fish off the docks.
It will be a nice place to fish if I ever get into a little boat. There was a guy there with a Gheenoo and I liked the little thing. I think it would sit on the van's luggage rack nicely.
The first two pictures were on our way in toward the docks. We saw the little fellow not 2 feet off the road. I have heard there is a good sized population of them here, but it's my first sighting. Thanks to Misty for the photos from the passenger seat!
Armadillo's front end:

Armadillo's rear end:

Self Portrait:

The scenery while fishing:

The bird kind of whitewashed out because the sun was going down, but it's still a nice idea of the place.

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