12 May 2008

Sarasota Reds vs. Daytona Cubs

A pre-Mothers' day event!

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to get any blog-acceptable pix of Kevin, Misty, or my Mom. You get the two girls, though.

And he was... SAFE!

This was a serious grounder, went all the way to the wall, if I remember correctly.

Funny, as the sun went down and the shadows began to creep onto the grass, I was reminded of...

...Busch Stadium (the elder) and this picture from our return trip from Uncle Steve's funeral.

Lauren, having a generally pleasant time:

Devin, eagerly awaiting a foul ball:

The pitcher, quite noteably not a "belly itcher":

Devin running the bases after the game (it was a 12 and under thing, sorry Lauren):

The final score:

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