21 February 2009

state fair

So, I took off last monday (Presidents' day). The kids had all been given free passes for the last day of the Florida State Fair. I borrowed my parents' camera and we drove 108 miles round trip to the fairgrounds in Tampa. Cracker Country was right past the entrance, thankfully, so it wouldn't be missed. I think that was the most interesting part for me. Then there was the fried food and the whirly-rides.

Cracker Country photos:

In the "Dry Goods" store I was intrigued by the Tinctura of Humulus Lupulus. Better known as hops!

This chicken didn't like being cooped up:

Our girls, bird (well, chicken) watching:

Basic Brewing Radio did a show the theme of which was: you know you're a homebrewer when...

So, when I saw these huge salt vats, I thought to myself "those would make some great brewpots!".

If you click on the picture, you will be able to read the sign.

not Cracker Country photos:

Devin, sitting across from Lauren. I just wasn't able to get a picture with Lauren in it.

Devin, front seat on the roller coaster:
Kevin and Ashley (the girlfriend), front seat on a different roller coaster:
Lauren, loosing her grip:

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