27 December 2009

Old Year, New Year (Guns XXXIII)

Well, we added to our collection this year unlike most.

in June we added a Heritage Arms .22 convertible (you've seen this posted before):
in September, we added this CZ52 to the family. Well, I guess I added this one.
I bought it without the Wife's permission, but she wasn't too upset when we saw one in a gun shop the next weekend for almost double what I paid. I wasn't really in the market for one, but I couldn't pass up a good deal:

at the beginning of November, we added this Bulgarian Makarov pistol to the collection.
It is one of the most comfortable pistols we own according to the wife who has claimed ownership of this one (so I guess I'll have to get one for me as well!):

last, but not least, our xmas presents! A pair of CZ82s. "His and Hers", if you will:
one by itself, with all the accessories it came with:
one of the great things about these pistols is the importer's mark, hidden away as it should be:
And what's in store for the new year?
-probably refininshing and restocking the CZ82s
-a .22 pistol with a sound suppressor
-perhaps a "his and hers" pair of 10/22s for the wife and I to customize our own rifles
-stocking up on ammo to feed the whole family of guns
-perhaps a few Mosin Nagant rifles since they are just soooo cheap
-constant deal watching
-oh, and getting my .45 out of layaway where it's been since the first week of November.

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