15 March 2006

Wedding Day for Marck & Heather !!!!!

I failed to bring my camera to the actual wedding (stupid!), but remembered to get it before the reception started. That said, you really should look at Ernie(notBert) first for some really great wedding pics! I mean it! Go look at them!!! I'll wait for you...

Also, if you want to check out the newlyweds' very own website, well, you should have clicked on "newlyweds' very own website"!

Now that you've seen the wedding photos ( you did, didn't you?), I will get on with it:

The first dance. What a happy couple!

I guess they were hungry for some cake, eh?

The traditional dressing for the bride and groom's vehicle.

The honey's moon. (I tried) 3-11-2006

Leaving for the hotel! Happy, happy!

By the way, did you know that Romeo and Juliet were married on March 11?

And yes, those were my Purple Pumas.


Ernie said...

Who's claiming they weren't your Pumas?

Arn said...

nobody, just pointing it out to anyone who didn't notice. I like those shoes.