31 July 2008

but... I read.... to my kids... but nobody gives me beer for it...

Free beer for men who read
7:00AM Friday August 01, 2008
Organisers of New Zealand Book Month are offering free beer to try to entice blokes to read books.
To promote reading as a "manly" activity, organisers have invited fathers and their sons to an evening of male bonding over sports, adventure and literature.
When they arrive at the venue, the Auckland Town Hall, the guests will also get a free beer - but only if they produce identification.
The evening, entitled A Word in his Ear, will be held on Friday September 5.
I can't get the beer (damnit!) for reading, as we're in the wrong country, but most recently we've been reading "the Children of Odin". I ordered it online with gift cards, thanks, Mom!

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