23 January 2009

Brasserie Caracole

I first tried a Br. Caracole beer last year, at a H.A.M.S. pub social held at The Cock 'n Bull in Sarasota. They had Saxo (named after the Belgian inventor of the saxophone) on tap at I believe $7! They said it was a Belgian golden ale and I liked Duvel, so I thought I'd try it. I didn't realize until it was pulled that it was basically a half-portion (served in a tiny fancy glass). Turned out I didn't mind.

This is what I'm tasting tonight. It was on the discount shelf at the Beer Monster.

Spicy nose. Sweet aroma. Very carbonated. Light, but malt/hop balance is wonderful. Some alcohol in the flavor, but also in balance.

I don't know what it is- maybe yeast- about this brewery- but I think they're my current international favorite.

The link to Saxo is a beer review which I thought came pretty darn close to being a description of their amber ale, too! The one point I'd definitely argue though would be the finish on this one it extraordinarily long- perhaps 30 seconds, maybe even more.

By the way: we first went to The Cock n' Bull a few years ago for the halloween "Witches Ball". It was pretty chilly for October in Sarasota, but they had a fire pit going out back and a crock pot full of mulled mead at the bar. If you get the chance, I'd suggest taking a trip there.

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