27 January 2009


Our computer died this weekend. Thanks to Don for giving me his old dell tower system a while back, it still works!

Anyway, it's too old to hook up my USB stuff like my MP3 player and the external hard drive which holds all my pictures, music, and podcasts, so the blog may be on hold until I get repaired/replaced and that may be a while. I've just made an appointment with the mechanic to remove all the money from our savings account in return for which our van will run like it did two months ago. What a deal!


Fred said...

Check w/Radio Shack/Best Buy or the like and find a converter cable to usb. I gotta believe that one exists.


Arn said...

It has USB ports in back, it just won't jive with the newer hardware. Maybe if I find the right driver, I don't really know.