03 May 2007


Below, the break-top bore after cleaning. If you look at the before, you'll be much more impressed than if you just look at the after.

Below, a selection of our household's ammunition.

left to right: .22lr, .22wmr, .25acp, .32acp Winchester Silvertip, .380acp flatnose, .380acp ball, 9mm Speer HP, 9mm Winchester Silvertip, 9mm ball, .38special full wadcutter, .357magnum personal protection, .38+P HP, .357magnum HP, 7.62x39mm Norinco (the surplus and the Wolf are sealed up right now), 20 ga shot, 12ga mystery (reload?), 12ga 00buck, 12ga super magnum 3 1/2".

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