10 May 2007

Guns X

A Tale of Two Pistols
by: Me
first: to give the reader an idea of the scale we are on, below:

At the gun show a few weeks ago, we finally found one Misty liked well enough to try carrying. It's a Kel-Tec P3AT. .380acp, 6+1 for those who know that sort of thing.
Below: the Kel-Tec beside my preferred warm-weather carry, the North American Arms Guardian .32acp.

Yep. The Kel-Tec's bigger. But it's about 2/3 the weight and fires bigger bullets. I'm not jealous, though. Still, maybe I'll get one too.

Below: an illustration of the difference between bore sizes.

By the way, I know people will wonder about that first picture. No, I don't have loads of $100 bills all about my home. The same day I took that picture, I used that money to buy a chainsaw. Then I trimmed my Live Oak. That was several days ago, and I'm still sore!

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