17 June 2007

Friday Night Whites... and Reds

Whole Foods in downtown Sarasota held a wine tasting friday night.

$5 per person, and the glass is yours to keep. There were 10(?) wines and 6(?) cheeses.

If you click on the pics, you can see some notes from me. The opinions stated are the opinions of the bloogger and in no way represent the opinions of my mom, Don, or Misty. Except for the one where we all agreed hands-down.

One that was not on the flyer was a Mango wine. I was thrilled at the idea, since I made my own last summer. This one was thick, sweet, and as my mom said "this could be a breakfast, all by itself." Mine was rather dry and resembled a chardonnay.
The two we took home:
One of the glasses we took home:

After the tasting, on the way to the Jeep, we heard music. We decided to follow the sound and stumbled upon a street party. When asked about the occasion for the party, one of the ladies at the beer table replied: "It's the 3rd Friday of the month!" Reason enough. You gotta love Florida.

Next month, Whole Foods is having "Beer Fest" as a fundraiser for our local public radio station (I think). Anyway, BEER! We'll be there.

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