13 June 2007

break-top break-down (Guns XVII)

So... I thought maybe there could be someone out there who wonders how to take a break-top S&W down. Maybe they'd like to see how I did it. Even if I didn't do it right. I did document each step so that I'd be able to put it back together when done.
step1. grip removal. They are cracked and missing chunks and will need to be replaced, but not until I decide on the final finish. It has to match, after all!
step2. the screw which holds the barrel/cylinder ass'y to the frame is removed.

step3. the standoff which the above mentioned screw threads into is removed. picture of the next step's parts in place, so that they may end up back there someday:

step4. removal of that round thing the name of which I don't rightly know at the moment.

more to come....

anyone know why I can only post 5 pictures at a time?

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