08 June 2007

Sixo (maybe a little late) de Mayo

Well, some of you will remember that I went to day shift just over a year ago. When I left night shift, I threw a little "last supper" beach barbecue. Well, at about the 13 month mark, we did it again. And here's the proof:

Lovebugs. They were bad this year. The picture really doesn't do it justice, they were like swarming mosquitos- the onslaught lasted a good 2 hours and then they went away.

We were tempted to cancel because of them, but we persevered!

There was sanitation, fire starter, mustard, and most importantly: homebrew. Yep, it's strapple.

Among the attendees: this squirrel. They were not shy in the least. I may post more on these guys just because there were so many pictures taken of them.

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