22 April 2007

Grammy IV

It's been a bit busy around here.

Thursday we took the kids down to the home to see Grammy. Her condition had only been getting worse.

I don't know why all of that visiting seems to be exhausting, what with mostly just sitting there, but it is.

While getting ready for bed, the phone rang. I was told that the home had called and Grammy had passed. We headed down to the home.

We arrived to find her still breathing. They said that she had stopped breathing so they called, but when they went to arrange her and tuck her in, she began to breathe again. We were there with family until about midnight.

Friday night Misty and I went down there. We took some new pictures of the kids for her wall. She helped to turn her which they were doing often because she had begun to get bedsores. She wouldn't squeeze my hand anymore and her hand was bluish and rather cold.

She used to always wear a small bell on a chain around her neck. A lucky bell. I could hear her approaching. When I was gradeschool age, I used to sit in her lap and she'd let me ring it.

Saturday morning as I prepared for work, the phone rang. This time it was real. I called off of work and went down to be with my mom and aunt Murry.

Grammy will be buried in Jefferson Barracks memorial cemetary, directly on top of Papa. She had paid extra to have him buried deep so that she could do it.

They will be together again.

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