15 April 2007

Brew VI

Well, I bottled the mead too early. What didn't explode had to be put in the fridge to stop the secondary fermentation from getting carried away. Now I have a few bottles of bubbly, sweet mead. Not too bad, but not what I wanted.

As for the "live fast, die young". It died young alright. I did not boil it to see what difference it made. It was like sniffing a flower shop, I swear! BIG nose. Quite dry. Perhaps it should have lived longer if only to see its potential.

The cherry/white grape only made 2 bottles. I drank the first at bottling time and it was surprisingly good. The other is in the cellar (closet) waiting for Misty. It's a light pink color, reminiscent of a very pale WZin.

Reverend Olson's Chapple Wine was a hit for all who tried it. Perhaps next cherry season I'll make a full 5 or 6 instead of just 1 gallon.

We drank a bottle from the citrus flor (renamed "Sunshine Citrus") early- it's not cleared and was kind of harsh. It was really good for such a young drink. I look forward to drinking it as soon as I start making another batch next January or so.

The Strapple is sitting contently in the corner not bothering anyone. Waiting patiently. Looking tasty.

The pyment was quite good. Dry, but fruity. Big concord flavor, maybe would age out if I let it.

I started a "Big Pink Grapefruit" back at the Vernal Equinox. It's a varietal because all the fruit came from one tree. I used more juice than most recipes call for and just a touch more sugar as well. 1.5 gallons juice, 10 lbs white sugar, 2 lbs brown, 2 packets Premier Cuvee yeast to make 6 gallons. We'll see!

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Anonymous said...

If you use campden tablets on that exploding mead, or dump it back in the fermenter and let it go a while longer, it'll fix it self. Putting it in the frige will only slow it down, it's still going to blow up. Using the tablets on batches you don't boil will stop your stuff from being infected by bacteria and wild yeasts as well, just wait till that happens. Friend of mine, from one of the gun boards saw you, pointed me in your direction. I am on the East Coast, across from you.
Shoot me an email, sometime if you have any questions about brewing or anything.
Hail Odin, Hail the Gods!