22 April 2007

Guns VI

All those present are still with us.

Thinking about family these days... those who are no longer present.

I remember the one time I went out to shoot skeet. My dad took me out to Missouri Bottoms Gun Club with his Beretta and the Winchester he had bought for me. I had a blast. I believe we went with Mr. Crowley and his son. No relation to Ozzy. That was the only time I have ever fired either of these two shotguns. It must have been '86 or so. I'm pretty sure I was in 7th grade. Right when he moved back to St. Louis from Winchester Wisconsin.

Above: Dad and me. Approx 1974.

Below: Dad. Approx the same time. Still in Troy, MO I believe.I don't know what rank that is he's wearing (maj?), but he ended as a LTC when he left the service in about '82.

His Beretta BL-3. As a 7th grader, I remember it kicking pretty hard.

My Winchester Ranger 140. 20ga. Sem-automatic. Long, but fairly lightweight.

I remember that it was a lot of fun.

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