15 April 2007

Guns II

I'll be meeting tomorrow to look at making that trade. I'm sure I'll miss the Winchester if it goes through, but maybe I'll add a semi-auto to replace her later.

Anyway, all this gun-think has led me to post another picture and probably another and another and another... ad absurdum...

I'll start with my oldest: a gift from Bob. About a year ago and for about 3 years, I ran the night shift at the shop where I work. He was my press brake operator. Quite a guy. Before I show the gun, I'll show some Bob related pics:

This is a part Bob bent up. Good work, Bob!

This is Bob's car (one of them). It's a Zimmer. He likes to call it "Big Shiny Red".

This is Bob's lawn mower for the new ranch.

While he was packing up and moving out to the ranch, Bob came across this revolver. It was rusted shut and well pitted, but he knew I'd see the beauty in it. He was right. I do like my Smiths! This gun was one of the only things Bob got from his dad's estate before his uncle came in and swiped it all.

to be continued...

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