18 April 2007

Grammy III

She’s on Atavan now. I suppose it’s like being mildly sedated, so that she doesn’t have to be so anxious, upset, and scared. Unfortunately, we can all only guess at what is going on inside her mind. Is her behavior sub- or even unconscious? Is it a conscious reaction to the effects of the final stages of Alzheimer’s on her brain?
Well, she looked much more comfortable than last time I saw her. She was holding onto a purple teddy bear, still in the fetal position but much more peaceful.

This was always on their dresser. The Edelweiss collar doesn't give away her German heritage, does it? Her parents came over from Germany. They owned a coal mine in Illinois and had ten (10!!!) children. Her mother would not allow them to speak English (which they learned in school) in the house.
1910... She has lived through a lot. World War I. Prohibition. The Great Depression. The Hindenburg Disaster. World War II. The Golden '50s. Korea. Vietnam. The foundation and dissolution of the Soviet Union. Both Iraq wars. 17 U.S. Presidents. The entire history of civil aviation.

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