16 April 2007

Grammy II

Went to see her again last night. She took a little water from her sponge, which she hadn't done all day.

I told her that if I thought she'd drink it, I'd sneak her in a shot of Jack Daniel's. For medicinal purposes.

She always had a bottle in the kitchen pantry. She'd pour a little bit into one of her sherry glasses and sip it when she had digestive troubles. I never saw her drink otherwise.

When she was 16, prohibition was on. Her 19 year old friend took her to a speakeasy. I remember her telling me about that and laughing in that way that you can almost see someone reliving the whole event in their head. She never told me that she was 16, I guess because I was a kid, but my mom told me that part last night.

Regarding the wedding day pic : They met about 6 months before he went off to the war in Europe. He wanted to get married before he left, but she refused. She told him to come back and then they would talk about it again.
One day, 5 years later, she was looking down from her balcony apartment on Delmar (a street in St. Louis) to where the trollys let out just down the road and saw a lone soldier get off the car. He looked around, getting his bearings, and then headed straight toward her building. She recognized him by the particular way he held his right hand when he walked.
He did what he had to. He converted from methodist to catholic and she married him.

I sure am glad that all worked out!

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